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Mt. Phongun, Putao, 3635 m
Trekking to the Mt. Phonegan is the most popular best selling trip and suitable for any travelers who want to explode mountain trekking trips combine with hill tribe villages, wild animals, floral and faunal and ect. We do recommend this trip for any
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The best trekking in Putao
7 days Trekking to the last village on the north west point of northern Myanmar is one of the most popular best selling trekking trip in Putao. It is suitable for any travelers who want to try a moderate trekking trip.This tour is combination of trib
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Mt. Phoneyin, Putao, 4220 m
Mt. Phoneyin adventure vigorous expedition is designed for any trekker who loves hard trekking and hiking on the nature. Altitude 4220m will give you good experiences of hiking on the snow cap mountain among the pine forest. But you will be evergreen
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Trekking in Myanmar is one of the best trekking in Asia because the Western Mountains Region in Myanmar is a fringe of the Himalayas, running from north to south and receding into the ocean. The well-known ones in Myanmar trekking are Putao trekking, trekking to Mt. Khakaborazi, trek in the Naga Land, the Chin Hills trekking and Kalaw trekking. The Eastern Hills Region in Myanmar consists of the Shan and Kaya plateaus having a height of over 10,000 ft. In the Central Valley Region, lies the famous Pondaung and Ponnya hill, Mt. Popa and the Minwun hill. Myanmar being composed of diverse national ethnic tribes residing in various ranges of mountainous areas, one can not only enjoy the natural beauty of its picturesque landscape but also explore the civilizations and cultures of its numerous ethnic groups at the same time. Putao and its environs in the Kachin State, the northernmost part of Myanmar and the area around Mt.Victoria in the Chin State to the northwest, are the best recommended sights for Myanmar trekking and hiking. Trekking trips can be made all over Myanmar, but around Putao in the Kachin State, the Chin State, the Kalaw region, the Inle Lake and its surroundings and the Kyaington area in the Shan State, are the places worth trekking. Mindat and Kanpetlet in the southern Chin State and Kyaington and its nearby villages are must for those who want to do both trekking and observation of the national ethnic tribes’ traditions and customs. As Myanmar generally enjoys a tropical climate season, the best time for trekking and hiking is from October to April. For the adventure trips to be arranged the whole year round, local tour operators should be discussed in advance. Read More

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Trekking and Adventure Tours

Putao Trekking & Hiking Tour


Trekking in Putao, the best trekking division which rises from Himalaya Mountain range lines on the northern part of exotic Myanmar which borders with China is trekking paradise for nature lovers. Putao is the only one unique trekking and hiking area of the country because of Hakaborazi national park and Poneganrazi national park. For hikers, Mt. Hakaborazi, Mt. Phonegan, Mt.Phangran are very well known trekking sites in Putao. Putao is not just only for trekking but also to explore the authentic cultural style of highlanders. The majority of the people in Putao are Christian because of Christian missionaries in the British colonial days. Putao is the only place which Japan could not occupy in Burma. It is the last administrative town of northern Myanmar and stays as a diffident cultural zone of the country.     Read More

Chin Trekking Tour

Trekking in Chin is the ideal excursion trekking programs to explore the authentic nature and culture of Chin highland tribes especially for the tourists who want to explore new exotic places where tourists have never been and rarely visited. Trekking in Chin mountain are become popular expedition trips in Myanmar for Mt. Victoria which stands in the Namataung national park. It is not only the main trekking area but also it is one of the best please for birders in Chin state. Trekking in Mt. Victoria is famous for it’s nature beauty and culture value of chin People. Around Mt. Victoria, there are 4 different Chin tribes who live on the mountains with their own culture and ethical customs. Most of the Chin people are animists and still believe and rely on their shamans. Their private worship even and festivals for their nats or spirits are the highlight of Chin trekking tour.  Read More

Kalaw Trekking


Trekking in Kalaw is one of the most popular trekking expeditions in Myanmar. Kalaw is famous as a former old British hill station. It line on the 4000 ft mountain range and surrounded by green pine forest hills. The lovely cold climate and colorful mountain trips are the main attraction of the trekking in Kalaw. Kalaw trekking will show you daily life of Shan people and their cultural. Most of the part of trekking in Kalaw will be in forest mountain and fields of their plantation. All accommodation will be at the traditional house of the local villagers. We do recommend 3 days / 2 nights trekking from Kalw to Inle Lake. Not only trekking but also biking and horse riding are recommended active activities in Kalaw. Read More

Trekking in Pindaya

Trekking in Pindaya is recommended for travelers who have not much time for long trekking. Trekking to Yazargyi village is one of the best trekking itineraries in Pindaya. On this tour, you will be some hill tribal village to see the way of life of the mountain people and their daily life. Night stop at a village will give local atmosphere of the mountain people. This two days one night trekking program is combination of trekking and mountain village sightseeing. Standing on the high elevation, it is quite cold climate in Pindaya. Although the main attraction of Pindaya is famous Pindaya Cave, home make family paper workshop and umbrella factories, trekking in Pindaya is one of the main attraction for all travelers. Read More

Trekking in Keng Tung

Trekking in Keng Tung is allowed for only day return short trekking and walking tours. Actually trekking in Keng Tung is visiting colorful hill tribal villages by short trekking on the hills. The real taste of trekking in Keng Tung is to see famous hill tribes such as Lahu, Akha, La Mone and Shan. All of these different ethnic tribes in colorful dresses give this place a special charm. All of these tribes are still living in their traditional way and animist. The main attraction of Keng Tung trekking tour is trekking on the hill side and walking in the old village to see their authentic culture and way of life. Trekking in Keng Tung is suitable for all travelers who want to make short trekking to visit different colorful hill tribal villages.  Read More

Our Myanmar Trekking Experts Team

Moe Aung


Founder of Myanmar Trekking Agency and possesses almost 20 years of eco-tourism and adventure tours experience. He started his life in tourism as a tour leader and jumped onto the CEO chair of the Travel Expert Groups of companies after 15 years of strolling around Myanmar viewing wildlife with different types of tours.  Read More

Aung Moe

Aung is northern Myanmar expert for adventure tours and eco-tourism. Travelling is his life as his hobby. He had already leaded the tour for adventure trekking and hiking in Myanmar along his life. He had been all snow- capped mountain mention on our wed for over 30 times as adventure leader. Trekking,   Read More

Moe Min Thein @ Snow Boy

The Putao-born nature wanderer always spends his time among forest and snow capped mountain for adventure trekking, hiking and birding in northern Myanmar. He is young but smart and energized on his job. Having long experiences in tourism industry, he become northern Myanmar operation manager.   Read More

Ko Aung

Ko Aung is one of the senior trekking local tour leaders and his native is Putao. He stands as a local tour leader along his life. He became a trekking and wild life tour leader in northern Myanmar after long hunting experiences in his childhood.

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