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Mt. Phongun, Putao, 3635 m
Trekking to the Mt. Phonegan is the most popular best selling trip and suitable for any travelers who want to explode mountain trekking trips combine with hill tribe villages, wild animals, floral and faunal and ect. We do recommend this trip for any
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The best trekking in Putao
7 days Trekking to the last village on the north west point of northern Myanmar is one of the most popular best selling trekking trip in Putao. It is suitable for any travelers who want to try a moderate trekking trip.This tour is combination of trib
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Mt. Phoneyin, Putao, 4220 m
Mt. Phoneyin adventure vigorous expedition is designed for any trekker who loves hard trekking and hiking on the nature. Altitude 4220m will give you good experiences of hiking on the snow cap mountain among the pine forest. But you will be evergreen
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Welcome to Myanmar Trekking Agency

  • About Us

    First of all, Myanmar Trekking agency would like to thank you for giving opportunity to present our services and we are proud to continue our warm hospitality toward our clients. Although our team was established six years ago, we are making every effort to provide accurate information and satisfying services to the travelers who visit Myanmar and still endeavoring to maintain our good image.

    With the development of tourism industry in Myanmar, Myanmar is on its way to becoming one of the major trekking and hiking destinations beckoning international travelers. Hence, focusing on client's demands, our trekking team is now expending to new destinations inside Myanmar considered to be more exciting and worth seeing for our valuable customers who love the beauties of natural in its original setting, especially turning our focus on Myanmar Trekking and Hiking.

    Depending on client's demands, our Myanmar Trekking agency is composed of well trained and well experienced staffs and tour guides who graduated in their respective subjects. Being full of interesting places which are worth seeing for lovers of culture and having a variety of more exciting and adventure regions which still remain largely undefined by the hand of man and unspoiled natural beauty in its nature for lovers of nature, which you have never seen before in your photographic diary. Myanmar is really a unique country in the South-East Asia and an ideal travel land for trekking and expedition.

    Our Myanmar Trekking agency is a member of Myanmar Travel Expert Group of Company Limited based in Yangon, a member of both UMTA (Union of Myanmar Travel Association) and Myanmar's Birds and Nature Association, is a local tourism company established in 2009.

    Our company is registered in Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development and Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. The certificate number of incorporation is 678/ 2010 - 2011 and Company Licensed number from Ministry of Hotel and Tourism is Kha - 1425.

  • Our Vision

    We aim to be an exclusive local trekking and hiking tour operator who collaborates with all international travelers and tour operators for all trekking and hiking services in Myanmar.

    Our Mission

    To contribute high quality service to each and all visitors to reach clients’ satisfaction while promoting responsible tourism.

  • Our Products

    The foci of Myanmar Trekking agency go to smooth and reliable services, meticulous arrangements and brilliant display of every unique element of Myanmar. The agency’s targets cover from the nation’s south archipelagos across the Burma-dominated central zones till its favorite snow and ice-capped north. Especially in the north of Myanmar, our team has been researching in depth for more than a decade on tribes and their far-flung and primitive-like customs, wildlife, trekking and hiking and geographical landscapes which compose the country’s inimitable identity of natures and cultures.
    Also here, the following items among everything are opted for your trekking holidays in Myanmar by Myanmar Trekking Agency.

    • 1)Walking and Short Trekking Tours
    • 2)Soft Trekking Tours
    • 3)Expedition Trek Tours
    • 4)Trekking and Hiking Peak Tours
    • 5)Adventure Trekking and Hiking Tours


Our Myanmar Trekking Experts Team

Our Myanmar Trekking Experts Team

Our Myanmar Trekking Experts team is specialized in trekking and hiking expeditions in Myanmar. Having long experiences and strong organization, we are always ready to arrange all different type of the Myanmar trekking and hiking tours as mention on our website.
Our team of trekking – we have experienced over 6 years of trekking and hiking tours arrangements in Myanmar so far – is based upon professionals in the field and we have been spending our time in nonstop researches of new trekking and hiking area in Myanmar. The bureau’s nucleus lies on 4 souls – about them is mentioned below – whose expertise shapes the prominent trekking of Myanmar Trekking Agency.

Moe Aung

Founder of Myanmar Trekking Agency and possesses almost 20 years of eco-tourism and adventure tours experience. He started his life in tourism as a tour leader and jumped onto the CEO chair of the Travel Expert Groups of companies after 15 years of strolling around Myanmar viewing wildlife with different types of tours. He is one of the well know adventure tour leader who had already been all destinations mention on our website. He spent his life in Putao as a trekking and hiking tour leader for about 5 years over. Not only it but also he is one of the pioneer tour leaders for removed area for many different types of adventure and wild life tours.  All of these experiences  make him to become founder of Myanmar Trekking Agency.  

Aung Moe

Aung is northern Myanmar expert for adventure tours and eco-tourism. Travelling is his life as his hobby. He had already leaded the tour for adventure trekking and hiking in Myanmar along his life. He had been all snow- capped mountain mention on our wed for over 30 times as adventure leader. Trekking, hiking and wild life photography is his life. He is not only expert in Putao but also one of the king leaders of trekking tour all over the country as Chin and Kalaw.

Moe Min Thein @ Snow Boy

The Putao-born nature wanderer always spends his time among forest and snow capped mountain for adventure trekking, hiking and birding  in northern Myanmar. He is young but smart and energized on his job. Having long experiences in tourism industry, he become northern Myanmar operation manager and local trekking leader of Myanmar Trekking Agent. Not only himself but also his local trekking tem is the strongest organization in Putao. 

Ko Aung

Ko Aung is one of the senior trekking local tour leaders and his native is Putao. He stands as a local tour leader along his life. He became a trekking and wild life tour leader in northern Myanmar after long hunting experiences in his childhood. He is also good cook and always get the smiles of clients on their dinner times with his meals. Travelling and cooking is his hobby.

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Head Office ( Yangon )

No. 4-A, Room-7, Parami Road, Mayangone Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Fax: ( +951 ) 667948,
Tel: ( +951 ) 667948,
Mobile: (+959 ) 5137496, 73051748
Email: [email protected],
[email protected]

Branch Office (Yangon)

Yangon with Lower & Eastern Myanmar Zone Office
No. 4-A, Room-7, Parami Road,
Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Fax : ( +951 ) 667948, Tel : ( +951 ) 667948,
Mobile: (+959 ) 5137496, 73051748
Hot line: 959 5137496, 49231348

Branch Office (Western Myanmar)

Bagan, Chin and Western Myanmar Zone Office
H39, Swetaw Street, New Bagan, NyaungOo Township,
Mandalay, Myanmar
Hot line: 9599 789918446

Branch Office (Upper Myanmar)

Mandalay& Upper Myanmar Zone Office
No.(59/9), ShweWutHmon Lane,
58th Street, Between 40th & 41st Street,
Ye Mon Taung Qr. , Maha Aung Myae Tsp.,
Mandalay, Myanmar.
Hot line: 09- 73197611,09-798691998

Branch Office (Northern Myanmar)

Putao and Northern Myanmar Zone Office
No. 96 Ka, Main street,
Kaungkahtaung Quarter,
Putao, Kachin State, Myanmar
Hot line: 099 49353694

Branch Office (Shan State)

Inle Lake and Shan State Zone Office
M0 66.Kan Thar Quarter, NyaungShwe Township,
Shan State, Myanmar.
Hot line: 9581 209292, 209293