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Mt. Phongun, Putao, 3635 m
Trekking to the Mt. Phonegan is the most popular best selling trip and suitable for any travelers who want to explode mountain trekking trips combine with hill tribe villages, wild animals, floral and faunal and ect. We do recommend this trip for any
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The best trekking in Putao
7 days Trekking to the last village on the north west point of northern Myanmar is one of the most popular best selling trekking trip in Putao. It is suitable for any travelers who want to try a moderate trekking trip.This tour is combination of trib
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Mt. Phoneyin, Putao, 4220 m
Mt. Phoneyin adventure vigorous expedition is designed for any trekker who loves hard trekking and hiking on the nature. Altitude 4220m will give you good experiences of hiking on the snow cap mountain among the pine forest. But you will be evergreen
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1.Walking and Soft Trekking

Kalaw Trekking

Tour Duration: Day return
Tour Code: MT-001 Read More

Kalaw – Inle Lake trekking

Tour Duration: 2 Days / 1 Nights
Tour Code: MT-019 Read More

Kalaw – Inle Lake trekking

Tour Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights
Tour Code: MT-003 Read More

Pindaya Trekking

Tour Duration: 2 Days / 1 Nights
Tour Code: MT-002 Read More

Walking in Putao

Tour Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
Tour Code: MT-004 Read More

Soft trekking in Putao

Tour Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Tour Code: MT-005 Read More

Soft trekking in Kengtung

Tour Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
Tour Code: MT-006 Read More

Trekking in Kengtung

Tour Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Tour Code: MT-007 Read More

2. Expedition by Trek

Kalaw to Inle Lake trekking

Tour Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Tour Code: MT-010 Read More

The best trekking in Putao

Tour Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights
Tour Code: MT-008 Read More

Trekking to Mt. Victoria, Chin

Tour Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
Tour Code: MT-009 Read More

3. Trekking and hiking Peak

Mt. Phongun, Putao, 3635 m

Tour Duration: 11 Days / 10 Nights
Tour Code: MT-012 Read More

Mt. Phoneyin, Putao, 4220 m

Tour Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Tour Code: MT : 013 Read More

Mt. Phangran, Putao, 4400 m

Tour Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
Tour Code: MT-014 Read More

4.Adventure Trekking and Hiking

Trekking in Myanmar Himalaya

Tour Duration: 11 Days / 10 Nights
Tour Code: MT-015 Read More

Hkakaborazi national park Expedition

Tour Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights
Tour Code: MT-016 Read More

Trekking to Myanmar’s Last village

Tour Duration: 24 Days / 23 Nights
Tour Code: MT-017 Read More

Trekking and hiking to Mt. Hkakaborazi

Tour Duration: 33 Days / 32 Nights
Tour Code: MT-018 Read More

  • Trip Overview

    Visiting untapped exotic authentic Chin village on the Chin mountain range is the main highlight of this trekking tour. This trip is designed to make an expedition to unspoiled villages on the removed area of the country. Very few amounts of travelers had been these villages and all of the tribes are living in their traditional way, this trip could be called an expedition to untapped Chin villages. Standing on the valley and cliff of the mountain, trekking to these villages will be a unique trekking trip. We do recommend this tour to all travelers who want to visit unspoiled removed area and see the mountain tribes who are living in their old traditional as one century ago. Long trekking and walking among the beautiful forest mount, enjoy the nature of wild life, observing the way of life of mountain people and beauty of their tattooed faces will be main attraction of this tour. We invite you to make this trip if you want to try to make an adventure trekking tour to a hiding place in Myanmar tourism although you are not an experienced trekker.

    Information Sheet

    Tour Code : MT : 011
    Grade : AdventureTrekking
    Trip Duration : 9 days / 8 nights
    Duration on trek 7 days trekking and hiking
    Max. Altitude : 10200ft, Summit of Mt.Victoria
    Average trekking hour per day and distance: It will be about 5 to 6 trekking hours and 7 to 9 miles per day.
    Recommend max group site : 6- 8Pax
    Fitness : This trekking trip is recommended for anytraveler who has experiences in trekking or not.Trekking and soft hiking to the summit of Mt. Victoria among the pine forest will make you to be tire if you have no experiences. So we do recommend that you should be fit for 7day trekking and soft hiking.
    Time for the trip: From November to April are recommended, the best time will be on November, December, January and February.
    Weather Info: November to April will be hot in the day time but it will be cold in the morning and late evening. It will be 20oC- 25oC at day time and 2oC to8oC at night time normally. June to October will be rain.

  • Day 1.Bagan-PonetaungPonenyar- Mindut

    After breakfast at Bagan, crossed the mighty Ayeyarwaddy as dawn smashes, start to drive to Mindut. On the way, visit one or two historical pagodas in Pakhaukku. Visiting morning vegetable market will show you daily life style of the Burmese people. One the way, make some photo stops at Pauk and around small stupas and nat shrines at the summit of Mt.Ponetaung and Ponyer for photography. Enjoy the Myanmar authentic lunch at a small Burmest Restaurant before we arrive Chin state.In the late afternoon, we will arrive at Mindut and check in at a hotel or at a traditional small guest house. Mindut is a small administrations hill town even it is second biggest in the Chin state. In the British time, it is the main administration town in the Chin State. Walking in the small two in the evening will be good exercises for your adventure untapped exotic Chin expedition tour. We will have dinner at a restaurant and spend night stay at hotel in Mindut.

    Day 2. Mindut – HelongVillage

    After breakfast, visiting morning market in Mindut will follow by scenic 14-mile driving to the west of the town by jeep. After we leave our jeep, first trekking among the pine forest to the target, Hilaung Village situated on the valley of the pine forest mountain with about 400 villagers will be about one hour. The dense forest there is a sort of factor generating the cold weather. It is Helong Village on the way and one site worthy for sightseeing in it is a Buddhist stupa donated by King Alaungsithu of Bagan by the time of making a trip to Chin State. Dinner and night stop at a village house will be in Helong village.

    Day 3.HelongVillag – Amlong Village

    A memorable trek to KhoneEai Village is the next one in order for evening sightseeing and all will end up with charming dinner and night span at a traditional house in KhoneEai Village. Have a delightful Chin Hill morning together with a pleasurable trekking enjoying the natural beauty – birding, wildlife nature and scenic vista – of the forest along the mountain range to Htwe Village. The next one hour trekking after Htwe Village is to Htal Pan Village for tasty lunch. The way up walking on the pine forested mountain range is an easy, an hour long trek. The evening sightseeing will be at Amlong Village having about 20 houses. Enchanting dinner and memorable night stay at a small Buddhist monastery on the hill.

    Day 4.Amlong Village – KyarAie Nu village – Madat Village

    Commence the full day tour with the down trekking to ChakeChaung River for one and a half hour. A suspension bridge is excellent to experience while crossing the river for the two hour up trekking to Htwe Inn Village populated by animists looked like the people in stone age. Go and see their shaman’s house to observe their beliefs and customs. At KyarAie Nu Village, a big village on the height of 1600 m, visit Chin traditional hand-made smoking pipe workshops. After lunch, start again with an interesting trek along the hill side of Chin Mountain to villages: Turdo Village, Htay Pan Village and Masan Village. The evening sightseeing will be in Madat Village, the biggest village during our trekking with about 800 populations having a small primary school. It is looked like a nice garden and lines on the based o the famous Mt. Victoria. The Nat shrine in the middle of the village will be one of the main highlights of this adventure trip..Charming dinner and cool night stay will be at the village leader’s house.

    Day 5.Madat Village – Kyardo Village – Aye Village

    Morning leisure made us pleased is followed by the trekking and sightseeing in LoatPe Village, there only traditional ways can be viewed, as in their holy wooden poles and stone tombs. Kyardo Village lied on the hill side of the valley of the green mountain range will offer us a lovely evening by their traditional means of life such as in their ancient-styled huts made of wood and bamboo. Tattoo faced women wearing traditional costumes can be watched in this village. After lunch, the half day tour will have a commencement, trekking on the hill of the river valley and cross the river to trek over the mountain range where enjoy bird calls and forests’ natural beauty to be in today destination, Aye Village, a small Chin village on the hill side of the forest mountain in Natmataung national park. Having a fascinating beauty as a once British’s hill-camp with some old colonial constructions, the weather there is quite cold. Also there, taking photos of tattoo-faced women and their ways of living is valuable for the use of time. Aye Village will give each and all of us pleasing experience of dinner and night stay.

    Day 6. Aye village – HtikeShwe village

    After morning leisure sightseeing in the village, start another whole day trekking among the forest mountain. Today will be long trekking in the nature. On the way to our destination HtikeShwe village, enjoy the photography with nature because there is no village on the way. Most part of today trekking will be in the forest. In the evening, we will arrive at the village for one more night. Take your leisure at the village for tomorrow hiking trip to Mt.Victoria. Dinner and overnight still will be at a Chin traditional house in HtikeShwe village.

    Day 7.HtikeShwe village –Mt.Victoria

    In the morning, trekking along the scenic forest full of pine trees with the whirling of bird calls is the first program of the day. After lunch at the based camp, take some snacks and water for our trekking and hiking during the time of passing the most famous floral and birding area in Myanmar. Within the 3 hour-trekking to the top of the mountain, 10200 ft above sea level, from the base camp, 6500 ft in height, the first 45 minutes will give us a new experience of the steep and difficult portion of the path. All exhaust, however, will go away by the time of seeing the panoramic view from the summit. After a sufficient rest at the apex, we will make a camping with the tank at the summit. Dinner and camping experience will be main highlight of the day.

    Day 8.Mt.Victoria – Kanpalat

    After breakfast on the summit, trek down to the based camp and continue to Kanpalat. It will be about 6 and half hour trekking with lunch box. In the evening, arrive at Pine Wood villa for our night stop. After check in hotel, have a rest by takeing hot and cold shower at the hotel. If you have time, walk to nearby a Chin village for some more sightseeing. Dinner will be served at the hotel. Worm and comfortable room will serve you to pleasurable night stop amoung the pine forest.

    Day 9.Kanpalat – Bagan

    After breakfast, it is programmed with jeep ride to Bagan including a short rest in Saw Village as well as the incident of driving in the pine forest. Lunch at a small local restaurant in Kazunma Village, one of the big Myanmar villages in Magwe Division, has a new sort of taste along the connection between central and western Myanmar. Upon arrival at Bagan, check in at your hotel and it will be at the end of your wonderful adventure trip with us.

  • Tour package price :

    Based on twin share accommodation in united state dollars.

    Tour Code Tour cost per pax based on USD
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    MT : 011 2780 1790 1640 1480 1460 1370

    NOTE: Single Supplement is USD 145

    All of the above mention pricing will validity form 1st Oct, 2018 to 31st May, 2019. This pricing is just only for your private tour. If you want to combine with other group, the price will be much lower than as mention.We offer optional sightseeingin Mindut and Kanpalatjust for our own clients.

    Domestic flight fare will be as follow :

    Flight Sectors One way ticket pricing
    Yangon – Bagan or Bagan –Yangon
    Mandalay – BaganorBagan – Mandalay
    Heho – Bagan or Bagan – Heho


    All of the above mention rate will effective from 1st Oct, 2018 to  31st March, 2019.


    Hotel in Kanpalat and Mindut

    40 US / room

    What’s included

    • Official licensed English Speaking tour leader
    • A local guide who speaks local language and had been many times to your destination
    • Cost of all porters who will carry your properties your trek
    • All accommodation as mention in the detail itinerary
    • All meals as mention in detail itinerary
    • Free drinking water throughout the trip
    • All private vehicles along the tour

    What’s not included

    • Travel insurance
    • Domestic flight
    • Visa fees
    • All beverages
    • Tips for your leaders and porters

    Flight exclusive trekking holidays:

    We show only flight exclusive package rate on this website based on our experiences. Some of our clients want to buy the air ticket on their own or from their agent. On the other site, they want to take flight from their preferred destinations; Yangon, Mandalay or other.   We offer the best airfare rate just for our clients.

    Based on twin share room at hotel and guest house in Mindut and Kanpalat

    Although hotel accommodation is offered, we do recommend to stay at a local guest house in Mindut to support local people as our mission. All guest houses mention in the web are belong to local community. Staying at one of these two guest house will support local people and promote responsible tourism in Chinstate. If you prefer to stay at a guest house, the price will be lower again. For luxury tours and travelers, we offer Mountain Oasis and Pinewood Villa.

    Price changes

    All the prices mention on our website are correct at the time of mention. And also, the prices may be vary without any notice. But we never change any pricing after making the confirmation of the tour. For our partner and tour operators, we never change the prices ofone year in advance contract.

    Important notes for the booking procedure of your trekking trip

    We would like to request all of our clients to book this tour at least 90 days prior or more to your arrival date to Myanmar. Less than 90 days will be on request and subject to available of our professional tour leader and accommodation.

    Increasing tourist arrival in Myanmar, you will need to book your tour and flight tickets in advance as early as you can.


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