The Best Reliable Trekking & Hiking Tour Agent in Myanmar
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Mt. Phongun, Putao, 3635 m
Trekking to the Mt. Phonegan is the most popular best selling trip and suitable for any travelers who want to explode mountain trekking trips combine with hill tribe villages, wild animals, floral and faunal and ect. We do recommend this trip for any
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The best trekking in Putao
7 days Trekking to the last village on the north west point of northern Myanmar is one of the most popular best selling trekking trip in Putao. It is suitable for any travelers who want to try a moderate trekking trip.This tour is combination of trib
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Mt. Phoneyin, Putao, 4220 m
Mt. Phoneyin adventure vigorous expedition is designed for any trekker who loves hard trekking and hiking on the nature. Altitude 4220m will give you good experiences of hiking on the snow cap mountain among the pine forest. But you will be evergreen
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You can choose following types of trekking tours in Myanmar
up to your fitness and travel period.
1)Walking and Short Trekking Tours
2)Soft Trekking Tours
3)Expedition Trek Tours
4)Trekking and Hiking Peak Tours
5)Adventure Trekking and Hiking Tours

The best trekking place in Myanmar is Putao,
Himalayas Zone in northern Myanmar.
Chin and Kalaw are also recommend for short trekking.

From October to April are recommended,
the best time will be on November,
December, January and February.

If you want to do a good trekking tour, you will need to book a trekking tour through one of local trekking agencies in advance. If you want to make an adventure or long expedition trekking in northern Myanmar, we do recommend that you should book the tour as early as you can because you will need special travel permission from the ministry for your real adventure trekking trip.

Yes, you will need special permission to make a long trekking tour in northern Myanmar.
But you can visit nearly all most of other rest trekking places without any permission.

All meals are included in the most of our trekking package.
Lunch box is recommended for whole day trekking

Different types of fried noodle or rice with egg & vegetable, snacks,
coffee or tea and seasonal fruit are included.
Noddle or rice soup will be available on your request.

Fried noodle or rice with vegetable and fruits are commended.
Boiled potato, egg, fruits and snack will be served if available.

Steam rice with one or two meat or fish curries and
two different vegetable and one vegetable or beam soup will be served.
Vegetarian meals are available on advance request

You will get free drinking water during the trek.
We arrange bottle water and boiled water for drink.

October to April will be hot in the day time but it will be cold in the early morning and late evening in most of trekking area in Myanmar. It will be 20oC- 29oC at day time and 8oC to 15oC at night time in low land normally. It will be about -2o to -10oc at the night on the high elevation. June to September will be rain all over the country. Detail weather report has been mention for all different type of tours in the detail information of the tours.

You should be careful malaria in Myanmar trekking area but no other disease.

In our experiences, we found snake on our trekking,
especially in the north but not very often.
Bagan is home of scorpions.
Mostly we found them at night time. But they are not serious one.

We will provide good sleeping bags and mattresses at the villages
and tent in the forest. You can see detail information for your specific trip.

Bathroom is available at all villages but not real shower. We do arrange to take a bath and watching the cloth in a private place at village house. All night-stop-villages in Putao are located on the bank of the small rivers, most of our previous guests enjoy their watching the clothes and taking bath on the small river.

We do recommend you just to carry a medium size day back bag for your essential medicine, camera, water, rain cover and etc. Our porters will carry all of your main big baggages in which includes all of your personal gears, clothes and etc. But you should pack just essential thing for your trekking days. We do request to leave all rest things do not need for your trekking at the last town or at the first village. We will keep all of these in our main locker at our office or we will keep it at your hotel where you will make a night stop after your trekking.

We do recommend long trousers and long sleeve shirt. Insect repellent is recommended for your trek because of sand fly and leaches will be found especially in northern Myanmar.
Insulation T Shirt should be IN and light shirt should be on OUT. Warm jacket will be essential at night in trekking days in northern Myanmar.

On your trek, it is very low opportunity to buy soft drinks, beer, snacks and souvenirs.
But you can buy all of these in the last town.
If you want to take your own beverage, should let us know in advance.

For adventure and long trekking tours, we use only official licensed English speaking tour leader who had already passed first aid trainee course. But also a local leader who speaks local language and had been many times to your destination will accompany with you as escorted local guide. Our porters will carry everything what you will need on your trek.

For your trekking, we do recommend good shoe for soft and short trekking,
snow boot and a pair of slipper will be needed for trekking peak trips.

The list of basic equipment you will need on your trek :
1. Good trekking shoe and snow boot if it is necessary
2. Walking stick for adventure expedition and trekking peak trek
3. Rain coat and windbreaker for adventure expedition
4. Head lamp and lighter
5. Insect repellent
6. Sun cream and sun glass are also recommended
7. Hat and wool hat
8. Personal important pharmacy

Internet and mobile are not available on your trekking days
but it is available in most of the town in Myanmar.

Everywhere you will trek with us is safe. If not, our government does not allow any traveler to visit unsafe area as we need special permit from our ministry for long and adventure trekking. But you will need to buy travel insurance on your own. All of you who will travel with our Myanmar Trekking Agency will need to leave a copy of your travel insurance certificate at our office in Yangon. It’s essential.